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Koojina Records

Koojina Records are a digital music label established as an independent record label in 2011, Koojina Records are one of the few Tunisian labels, the objective was to create a platform with the unique goal which is publishing qualified music from all over the world and providing the upcoming talents with the opportunity to showcase their musical creations.

  • Kitchen Sensation Vol.1 is a House Ep produced by:  Dj Amolka, Luca Pedrutci, Bob Mileur, Alex Medina Feat Moisesp., Dirty Phill, Deep, Maximo Menges.

  • Kitchen Sensation Vol.2 is a House Ep produced by: Akram Chekki, Loco Motive, Salmen, Adam Padissa feat. Faty, Alex Medina Violin feat. Jesus Lopez, Bob Mileur, Deep, Dirty Phill, Dj Amolka, Lakadjina, Urenga.

  • Le vent qui nous vient de loin is a Downtempo Ep, produced by Lakadjina.

  • KRM5002 Koojina is an Ep with different genres House and Deep House, Techno and Minimal,Progressive House. Produced By Rion, Fratello and Loco Motive and Akram Chekki and Zamit Kais.

  • One night in Albufeira is a Deep House track by Titinho, remixed by Dj Amolka.

  • Message From Far Away is a Minimal track edited by Agnes Afs and remixed by Akram Chekki and Salmen.

  • The Tunisian Producer of Koojina Records, produced by : Khaled Bougatfa, Adam Padissa feat. Naciim Gastli, Zamit Kais, Salmen, Dj Amolka, Luca Pedrutci, Akram Chekki, Bob Mileur, Lakadjina.